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Now that we have managed to step in 2022, this is the time when you see your resolutions frizzling away. Before letting them fade one more time, we are going to help you to keep your resolutions intact for 2022.

People in all parts of the world are struggling to make 2022 a better year. After going through all the crises in the past 18 months, New Year’s resolutions are the much-required human need to have some control over improving the present.

A survey monitored 3,000 people over a year, and found out that 88% of participants failed to keep their resolutions, even while 52% of them believed that they would keep the resolution till the end!

Why Do Resolutions Fail?

Every New Year we talk about things that we will do different this year and end up doing exactly how we planned it not to go.

After spending days into 2022, this is the perfect time to understand why resolutions fail and work on ways to encounter the challenges.

Self-Created Resistance

Our fears play a major role in everything we do. The past two years have been a great example of how people that create self-resistance have made things more difficult compared to those who managed to adjust in the pandemic altered lifestyle.

Take the ever-changing work standards in the past two years as an example. Employees all over the world especially in the United States faced major work transitions after the coronavirus outbreak in 2019. However, employees that manage to accept the change by working towards investing in work from home essentials managed to put their best performance ahead.

Here employees that had high speed and stable internet connection such as from Windstream Packages managed to adopt the pandemic work lifestyle a lot more comfortably than those that created self-resistance and hurdles for themselves.

Similarly, if you want to keep your resolutions and bring beneficial changes in your life, as you had planned at the beginning of the year, you must stop doubting yourself. We often think that we do not deserve happiness and success and therefore we let our resolution frizzle out. Instead of holding yourself back from reaching your full potential, make sure you understand your capabilities and become your motivator.

Fear of Abandonment

As humans, we often think about “what if”, and then the fears come crawling in and we end up being disloyal to our goals and motives. Instead of walking the path of fear all alone, make sure you have someone rooting for your success. This doesnot mean that you should always count on another human being to keep you dedicated to your goals. Instead, you can rely on the applications that focus on your resolution process and keep you motivated.

Dysfunctional Beliefs

Many of us have been through a hard time in the past two years. From losing loved ones to securing financial mishaps, the pandemic has caused unnecessary fear and burden in our lives.Nevertheless, many people have adjusted to a troubling mindset that forced them to think about their success differently. Many people believe that the more success they have the more burden it will bring into their lives. Instead of thinking this way, you should make an effort towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Work on Developing a New Mindset

Resolution starts with your positivity and ends with your doubts. Instead of dwelling on unnecessary fear such as fear of abandonment, fear of failures, and more, make sure you let yourself reach your full potential.


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