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Marketing Publications to Read on the Internet

Publications were everyday items even before the existence of the internet. You would get information on various topics using print media. However, things are now different due to the digital revolution. It is easier to get resources to help you learn and advance your skills. Therefore, you can build your marketing career if you find a comprehensive website to learn from.

The Need to Learn Online Marketing

The digital transformation of companies is on the rise. Businesses are switching to the online space to tap into the vast potential. It is impossible to succeed in business in this digital era if you do not utilize the channel.

Best marketing publications to learn from

That said, you do not actually need to go to a business school to learn the skill. In fact, there are plenty of awesome marketing publications online from which you can learn marketing from.

Below are some of the best marketing publications that you should read to become a better marketer:

1. Forbes and The Entrepreneur

Although the two do not solely focus on digital marketing, you can get publications about the topic. If you are working for corporate entities, Forbes is the best option. At the same time, The Entrepreneur is ideal for startups and small enterprises.

2. markonmag

markonmag is an online marketing magazine in Singapore.It has great content about the basics of the different types of marketing, as well as internship and career advice for marketing students. For instance, it talks about the benefits of doing international internships and how you can find paid overseas internships.

3. Search Engine Journal

One of the most effective digital marketing strategies is utilizing the search engines to generate leads. It teaches you how to rankhigh on the Google and get organic traffic to your website.

4. The Drum

It is a Europe-based publication with extensive content on digital marketing. The platform’s sole focus is to impact the global scene through marketing strategies. Editors will develop content from different continents, including Asia and The United States of America.

5. Advertising Age

It is one of the best marketing publications withover 80 years of existence. It is leading in offering quality marketing content to readers across the globe. The publication gives insights into how big companies undertake their marketing campaigns. Every marketer can learn a lot from the content that Advertising Age offers.

6.  Adweek

Adweek has knowledge that can benefit small, medium, and large enterprises. If you are a marketer, you cannot afford to miss out on the information. The content is engaging and focuses on allaspects of marketing.

7.  Digiday

If you want a realistic view of the marketing world, the Digiday platform is where to learn. The content looks at how to advertise and connects it to a social setting. It will update you on the market environment and thingsyou need to look at as a marketer.

8. Marketing Land

It is a hub of marketing articles and topics. You can learn strategies, trends, and news with marketing publications.


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