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Promotional products come in handy during your marketing campaigns and advertisements as they are a great way to promote your brand awareness. Whether an old or new business, creating brand awareness is imperative to boost your visibility, get your name out there and beat your competitors. Thankfully, you can use promotional products in trade show giveaways, customer loyalty appreciation, discounts, conference gifts, marketing giveaways, etc., to make your brand memorable.

There are hundreds of promotional items, from t-shirts to caps, mugs, water bottles, calendars, etc., you can use to promote your business. Check out these top five promotional products you should be using.


Backpacks and tote bags are common promotional items businesses use to advertise or market their brands. It can be as simple as recyclable grocery bags. By giving your customers branded bags, they instantly become walking advertisements for your brand. Whenever they use the bag, they advertise your brand unknowingly.

Other than that, bags have a lot of personal use, which endears your brand to your clients even more because you give them thoughtful gifts. Only ensure your promotional bags are quality, durable and attractive if you want your customers to use them. You don’t want them to end up in people’s closets.

Pocket calendars

Many are times when businesses overlook the importance of calendars as promotional items. Pocket calendars are used as day planners and make a very effective promotional item for your business. The best thing about custom pocket calendars is that your customers see and use them every day as they stay in their purses and pockets. You can incorporate your brand’s logo, slogan, and message to reinforce your business visibility. Plus, pocket calendars are affordable and simple.

Branded mugs and water bottles

Branded mugs and water bottles are other items that people find very useful. Regardless of the industry, you can use them as a marketing strategy to keep your brand in people’s minds whenever they use the items. Branded coffee mugs are perfect. After all, who doesn’t have a favorite coffee mug at home or work? A branded water bottle is something that your client will use every day to stay hydrated while on the move. Water bottles are perfect to use as a promotional product, especially in the sports, health, and fitness industries.

Fan banners

Fan banners are the perfect promotional items for trade shows, roadshows, sports events, conference meetings, and other events. Multipurpose fan banners that reflect your brand color and logo are simple to fold and use as a fan during hot days. Plus, they are affordable and a simple but powerful way to advertise your brand.

Branded apparel

Branded apparel such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, caps, hats, ponchos, etc., never goes out of style when it comes to marketing your business. They are versatile and customizable to reflect your brand. You can incorporate your business logo, color and develop a creative message or slogan that your clients will never forget. Ensure they are of quality and provide options for all genders for better advertising.


Promotional products are a very effective tool in advertising and marketing your brand cost-effectively.


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