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Best Design for Packaging


The makeup you wear, vitamins you take, the food you eat, and gadgets you buy are usually hidden away in little bags, jars, and boxes.

The packaging design of products is more than just a decoration. It is also part of making customer experience and retention great. To help you choose the right design for packaging, consider the following rundowns:

1.  Choose Fonts and Colors Wisely

You might want to have eye-catching packaging instead of tacky. Colors must enhance and complement product packaging and not contrast or fight it.

Pick a typeface, which is unique yet readable and can work with the logo of products. Consider also planning graphics, which may work with different items in the product line.

2.  Have a Budget

Before starting with your brand packaging endeavor, you need to determine the amount of money you want to spend. This may determine what types of materials you may use, plus what you should spend to entice designs.

Materials such as natural fibers and glass are visually appealing and look terrific to customers but are costly to ship and manufacture.

Glass is also breakable and heavy, resulting in storage and shipping concerns. It may also result in increased customer prices.

3.  Analyze Competition

Although it is vital for packaging to stand out, you need to consider the lingo of the product category. Lingo is an aspect, which signifies what products are in a manner that customers will be conversant with.

Look for already successful brands and consider what their packaging design has in common. This just doesn’t refer to packaging colors. It also refers to:

  • Structural/physical design
  • On pack messaging
  • Materials used

4.  Consider Package Styles

There are many styles of packaging. With a reliable packaging design agency, you can choose one that will align with the answers to your questions.

Your package style should also align well with the shape and size of the product and the general presentation, which you want to go for.

5.  Prioritize Branding

Although safety and containment take the first priority when it comes to food packaging designs, branding and advertising still matter.

The best packaging options help establish the brand’s identity and convey important information about your values and business.

6.  Concentrate on Sustainability

Basically, sustainability is one of the important factors in the packaging options, particularly when you’re selling in the nutraceutical, body care, or natural food industries.

At a very minimum, look for recyclable packaging. This may make customers happy and establish a more eco-conscious and greener image for your brand.

7.  Think of Typography

Whether you sell products in-store, online, or both, texts on brand design should be decipherable. The target market dictates how small or big you may make the text.

Colors should match the general design of your packaging. This also needs omitting superfluous and placing only the necessary text.

Final Remarks!

Although people’s lives are filled with packaging, they rarely think of the subtleties encouraging the reason for re-buying and purchases.

As a business owner, you must work closely with product producers to come up with cohesive brand experiences and user-driven packaging designs, which resonate with audiences.


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