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Taking the Backseat Offers Greater Leadership


Typically, leaders direct others. The goal of being a leader is wide. Calling the shots in business and life is the dream of everyone. But what lies unseen is that to be a leader, a great one, you must first be a follower. However, followership goes way beyond modern culture. The power wielded by followers, thanks to social media, is quite huge. As clearly stated above, making the best use of this stage of leadership training is important. The aftermath of it can make or mark a potential leader’s views. Hopefully, the steps highlighted below should come in handy for future leaders passing through the followership stage.

Don’t Be Another Follower, Be Self-Aware

Those that turn out to be great leaders pass through the early stage of being a follower with a clear mindset right from the onset. They saw themselves as future leaders. Standing out from the crowd by taking tiny leadership roles, even those, most times voluntarily, either paid or not. By doing so, they had a sneak peek of what it means to be a leader, even before having their first leadership role.

Belief Is A Rare Currency. It Should Never Be Sold

Almost everyone is skilled, or so it seems. Yet, the difference between leaders, great followers who are in line to take the mantle of leadership, and others is the drive to do things that might seem impossible to others. Unlike other followers, those who lead even while following genuinely believe in themselves and act accordingly.

Think Critically

Leaders are always known to have their thinking caps on. As followers, taking cues from great leaders and taking note of their thought processes has been proven to be a goldmine. Think critically in an actionable yet specific way. This involves asking for the input of others. A leader like Tom Jakobek Toronto-based is always thinking critically. Tom Jakobek Toronto-based is the Founder of KBNJ Consulting. He has more than two decades of experience with complex, large-scale construction projects in both the public and private sectors. As a business leader, you are responsible for always thinking about what is best for the business.

Put Others First

This is the hallmark of great leaders. Well-known entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have proven that putting others first in all endeavors is the best way to lead. Leaders who do so have a higher percentage of succeeding. On the other hand, followers who are selfish about their goal of taking the lead end up losing their grip on both their goals and objectives.


For a fact, following to become a leader is encouraged. There is nothing bad about being goal-oriented. Caution should be taken to not only follow personality but also ideology. Great leaders are living embodiments of the above-listed qualities. Take the backseat and view yourself as a leader in the making. After all, every leader is a follower in some sense. So, making progress in this journey to leadership should be celebrated and used to spearhead a follower to do more.


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