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Serial Entrepreneur


Serial entrepreneurs are a completely different class of entrepreneurs. To put it simply, a serial entrepreneur is a person who constantly comes up with new creative ideas for potential businesses or side stream incomes. An entrepreneur will start a company and work day and night to grow the company, but in the case of a serial entrepreneur, it’s different. A serial entrepreneur actively keeps creating new businesses and, in some cases, a chain of relevant businesses. It doesn’t matter if a new business will work out fine or not. A serial entrepreneur is willing to do anything he has set up his mind for.

Is It Cool To Be A Serial Entrepreneur?

When you see serial entrepreneurs like Amine Larhrib, you often think it is cool to own multiple lines of businesses, or you think it is completely a difficult journey for them. Well, for both, the answer is yes. It is both cool and might be a difficult journey to be a serial entrepreneur for an outsider. But if you’re familiar with the entrepreneurship mindset, you should be aware that money or looking cool isn’t a big part of a businessmans’ life.

Many people find it hard to work so passionately even when you’re wealthy, but that’s the point right here that for a serial entrepreneur growing your bank account doesn’t hold too much importance. What is important is the dream and their vision of a different world, whether it be a change of any scale.

Innovative Mindset

An innovative mindset is one of the key ingredients of a serial entrepreneur. To explain it clearly, do you think that Elon Musk needs to work twenty hours a day even after being the second wealthiest man on the planet? To a common person, the answer is “NO!” and it feels pointless, right? All that money, cars, luxuries, and villas, but you still work for most of your day.

As a serial entrepreneur, it’s not about the money or the luxuries. It’s about the change that you or your company will bring after the work you put in. That’s why it’s a completely different kind of game in life. A typical entrepreneur can be seen stopping at a certain point, but a serial entrepreneur never stops until their vision is completed. Having an innovative mindset is a gift for all serial entrepreneurs. Thinking of a new business or new products is not an easy thing. Without an innovative mindset, you will not be a serial entrepreneur like Amine Larhrib CryptalDash Ltd. founder, a financial institution based in Gibraltar that specializes in banking services related to the blockchain. They critically think about what’s the best solution for the current challenges they are facing, how they can help other people to solve their problems, or how they can help society.


Are serial entrepreneurs innovative? Yes. Serial entrepreneurs are the most innovative persons. They are the reason the world is changing for the better. Being a serial entrepreneur is a profession that is not easy, you are required to put all your effort into making something more useful for all. You are entitled to provide better products/services that other people need. Your innovative mindset is the key, your passion and motivation will be a big part of being a serial entrepreneur.


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