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Space Industry


The exploration of celestial bodies is one that deploys imagination and creativity for countries all around the world. As of recent events, developing the latest space technology whilst utilising satellite communications technology to explore the unknown depths of space and monitor environmental spaces have been the forefront mission of the National Space Fund governed in Dubai. Even though space exploration has been a wondrous area of research for many, this opportunity is particularly important for tech-savvy entrepreneurs and start-ups that have developed a passion for space tourism and space engineering.

Whether it be commercial space travel or the development of space technologies, there is a massive amount of business potential with Dubai’s reputation of being a technologically advanced business hub. Business set up in Dubai allows for the most efficient combination in developing wayforward space technologies and facilitating innovative operations.

Opportunities within the Space Industry

The space industry is a highly vast space for technical innovations where robotic engineering and technological infrastructure is stimulating investment at a grand scale. Accordingly, the space industry can follow up with potential from the communication sector and the research sector both; for instance, the usage of satellites and internet infrastructure have been widely used by scientific researchers and large media companies, this results in more job opportunities created and a step forward in making challenging discoveries.

On the other hand, the research sector of the space industry focuses on organising specific space programs, providing training and making investments to encourage participation in discovering space secrets. A great proportion of the UAE’s budget focuses on delving into further exploration, for example, the launch of the Hobe probe that was a Mars expedition.

What are the Benefits of the Space Industry?

There are numerous benefits that are inclusive of many possibilities in stimulating higher investment and technological reach.

  • Facilitates economic growth

A great number of UAE nationals,  international undergraduates and graduates are prone to receiving higher employment opportunities within the UAE in order to contribute to experiments in space and find the driving force behind up and coming technologies. A more futuristic approach will also help the UAE in amplifying processes in research and development.

  • Encourages innovation

A talented pool of people will be prone to studying the core subjects of science and engineering to further improve their efforts of succeeding in their mission and vision of successful space exploration. With increasingly affordable satellite technology, natural resources mapping and environmental monitoring of extraterrestrial spaces will be increasingly easier.

  • Solutions for complexities

Upcoming global problems that include food shortages, sustainable farming and other business management problems can use the technology created and provided by the complex space industry. Research and development conducted by industry experts goes a long way and complexities that involve more efficient space travel can also be found with focus on the space industry.

To Conclude 

The future of the space industry is certainly growing at an exponential rate with central governments around the world investing billions of dollars into investment to increase economic development, and individuals taking more interest in the complexities of space, technology and science gravitating towards exploration. The advantages are bountiful when it comes to enhancing the standard of living in our own space and commercial space travel, hence, utilising the immense entrepreneurial potential is the answer.


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