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KVM VPS Hosting


With the evolution in technology, web hosting services have evolved too. While traditionally, shared and dedicated servers were the only two options available, technology has seen the launch of new-age hosting services like cloud hosting and VPS Server Hosting. When you decide to buy web hosting, you can choose the hosting service based on the needs of your site. From the range of options available, virtual server hosting is a reliable, scalable, and affordable hosting option that offers a dedicated server-like hosting environment in a cost-efficient manner. 

When you buy VPS Server Hosting, your website resides on a virtual server that has account isolation, full root access, and dedicated resources. The hosting provider uses server virtualization tools to create multiple virtual servers on a physical web server. There are different types of virtualization technologies that can be used to create virtual servers like KVM, OpenVZ, Citrix Zen, etc. In this article, we will talk about KVM VPS Hosting and the benefits it offers to help you choose the best VPS Hosting plan for your site.

Understanding server virtualization

Most web hosts use server virtualization software called a hypervisor to create virtual servers. The hypervisor plays an essential role in keeping virtual servers separate and allocating dedicated resources to them. KVM is a hypervisor.

The advantages of KVM VPS Hosting

A Kernel-based Virtual Machine or KVM is built into the Linux platform in the root mode. This helps run multiple operating systems on the server. KVM does not depend on the kernel of the host node and runs independently allowing it to ensure that each virtual server has resources dedicated to it. Here are some advantages of KVM VPS Hosting:

A dedicated hosting environment

KVM can ensure that each virtual server has dedicated resources and is isolated from other virtual servers. It also allows you unrestricted access to the control panel. Hence, you get a hosting environment similar to a dedicated server.

Helps with customization

KVM also offers full root access to the virtual server. This gives you administrative rights over the server. Therefore, you can customize the hosting environment and install any third-party application you want.

Dedicated IP address

KVM also allows the web host to associate a dedicated IP address with each virtual server. Hence, you don’t have to manage issues related to shared IP addresses.


Most site owners opt for VPS Servers since they are known to be highly secure. When the host uses KVM for creating virtual servers, it helps leverage the benefits of Secured Enhanced Linux which is a security module of the Linux platform. This also allows the hypervisor to control the security of the server and offer a safe environment for web hosting.

Summing Up

KVM offers a range of benefits to virtual servers. Therefore, many hosting companies prefer KVM to other virtualization technologies. Before you buy VPS Hosting, make sure that you understand the different types of virtualization tools and find the one that best suits your requirements. Good Luck!


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