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Demat Accounts


Trading used to be seen as an exclusive financial ventureonly to a small group of people. However, since the development of internet tools and platforms, nearly everyone with access to the digital spectrum may now engage in trading. You can easily open demat account and begin trading if you have access to the internet, enough money, and a desire to begin investing in the stock market.

Financial markets require players to function. The stock market appreciates in value depending on volumes so long as there are buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, the spread of false information about the world of online trading is one of the main barriers keeping potential traders and investors in India. A Demat account is also the subject of several myths, and you need to know the difference between reality and fiction. Let’s look at the subject more closely in order to dispel these fallacies and investigate the precise definition of a demat account:

Why Are Demat Accounts Necessary And How Do They Operate?

Trading in India previously involved the transfer of securities in the form of tangible certificates. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), however, introduced demat accounts in the nation in 1996. It revolutionised investing by turning it into a digital procedure. A Demat account was one of the most significant elements that SEBI implemented.

Dematerialization, or “demat,” is the process by which physical securities are transformed into an electronic representation. Therefore, a trader may keep, transfer, and transact securities using a demat account without having to deal with the inconveniences of doing so with physical assets. As a result, trading is now a much safer, faster, and more effective way to store assets and carry out deals.

Myth #1: In The Demat Account, Only Shares Can Be Held

Truth: The majority of investors mistakenly think that a demat account in India can only hold shares. This account is only allowed to hold investment securities. Your demat account, however, serves several purposes. To give you the advantages of dematerialization, it may hold assets such as bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, money market securities, and more.

Myth #2: One Individual May Only Have One Demat Account

Fact: The opposite is true. You can really openmany demat accounts because there is no limit on how many an investor may own. Having numerous demat Accounts might assist you track various products if your financial interests span a broad variety of them. For instance, you might keep your stocks and shares in one demat account and your mutual funds in another.

Myth #3: Having a Demat Account is Risky

Fact: Some people think that internet trading makes sensitive financial data vulnerable to hacking. But using your Demat Account to trade is a safe and secure technique. That’s because SEBI requires all demat account providers to provide traders and investors with secure trading platforms that have high-quality firewalls. To complete your login or to trade, you must input secure authentications each time you make a transaction.

Myth #4: A Demat Account Should Never Be Left Empty

Fact: You are not required to have any kind of financial item in your demat account. Your Demat Account functions like a zero-balance bank account, so you are not required to have a financial instrument on hand just because you opened one.

Myth #5: A Demat Account is Free of Charge

Fact: Fees as determined by the broker are necessary to create and maintain a demat account. Depending on the broker you use, these fees may vary. A broker may often charge a one-time fee while offering demat account in India. Some can also need yearly maintenance costs that you must pay. Additionally, these might represent transaction costs for selling securities.


These were but a few of the numerous fallacies related to the Demat Accounts. Your ability to successfully invest in the stock market might be based on your ability to comprehend the truth behind them. Keep up with the most recent developments in the stock market and conduct thorough research before investing to put yourself on the path to a more prosperous financial future. 

Now that you understand what a demat account is and have dispelled common misconceptions about it, you can start investing efficiently without being misled. Opening a demat account online with a reputable depository participant, like blinkX, is the first step in the procedure. With blinkX, you can get a demat app for android and trade stocks online whenever it’s convenient for you.


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