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Personal loans can make a difference in emergencies and times of financial crisis. A minimum amount of documentation is required to avail them without requiring any collateral. Getting a personal loan approved feels like a kid’s game, with many banks and NBFCs promoting quick personal loans. However, there may be numerous eligibility requirements, terms, and conditions that financial institutions need to disclose in advance when applying for a loan, leading to delayed processing of loans.

As the number of people asking for an instant personal loan when they urgently need money increases, it is essential to eliminate all possible delays with the tips provided in this article.

Tips To Get A Personal Loan Approved Instantly

  1. You can apply online: 

The quickest and most secure way to borrow money is to apply online for a personal loan. Once you have used it, the lender will send a confirmation message after receiving all the necessary information and uploading the requested documents. The loan request will be approved or rejected by the lender once your profile and documents have been verified. It also gives you the advantage of receiving all the updates for your loan applications by email or text. Once all required documents have been submitted, your loan typically takes a week to be approved. It may take another 2 to 3 days for the payment to be approved.

  1. Make sure your bank balance is good: 

The lenders closely monitor maintaining an acceptable monthly balance while examining your repayment capacity. By adding the monthly closing balance of every single day in a month and splitting it by the number of days each month, banks have calculated your average monthly ratio. Therefore, banks and NBFCs may consider lending to you if you have a good balance, as it shows that you can pay back your loan.

  1. Apply only to one lender: 

People tend to apply for personal loans with more than one bank or NBFC to increase their chances of getting a loan early when they urgently need money. But the lenders might notice that you’ve applied for several loans, which could indicate your financial crisis and desperation to take out a personal loan. Under this scenario, the lenders might be prevented from providing you with a credit facility. Furthermore, several loan applications may result in other rejections, impacting your credit rating. In addition, applying at different banks and NBFCs may take longer to keep track of all applications with several lenders.

  1. Please apply for what you would be able to pay: 

You are applying for a higher credit limit than you can repay, which leads to rejecting a loan application. Since the personal loan does not require any security, you should only consider your income sources and apply for a loan that is easy to repay. When assessing how much credit you can repay, you must consider a wide range of regular and unpredictable expenses, as well as the possibility of any additional costs or outstanding payments.

At the time of applying for a private loan, take into account your debt-to-income ratio. A debt-to-income ratio is the ratio of your monthly EMIs to your monthly income. Having EMIs of less than 30% of your monthly payment is considered a good debt-to-income ratio. The higher the ratio, the more likely the loan application will be rejected. A higher ratio means your liabilities are more significant than your earnings.

  1. To maintain a good credit rating: 

Credit scores in the range of 700 to 750 are considered satisfactory, but they may provide an additional advantage over faster personal loan approval. Lenders’ essential criteria to evaluate your credit profile, especially as a personal loan, are that it is an unsecured loan without collateral. Your income and credit history are the main factors when approving the loan.


Although you may have a challenging time applying for a personal loan, following this advice will make it easier to get approved without delay. An emergency loan is necessary in most cases, do not to rush with your application. Research and contact a lender with whom you can best meet the requirements. Read the terms and conditions and charges for processing fees, prepayments, etc.   Go ahead with a personal loan app like Fibe. Fibe is a mobile app-based lending platform that provides loans up to ₹5 lacs in just 2 minutes  to customers . Depending on the type of scheme, you can avail a Fibe loan for a repayment tenure of  up to 36 months.


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