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Lawyer for Citizenship


A lawyer for citizenship matters helps clients navigate the specific applications and processes for all immigration-related matters. They can also assist clients in launching an appeal if their citizenship application is rejected by USCIS officers.

Often, USCIS officers may request more information from applicants, which is known as an RFE (request for evidence). An experienced lawyer will know how to respond to an RFE so that the applicant can get another chance at becoming a citizen.

Relevant Expertise

A citizenship lawyer has the expertise needed to ensure that the extensive and complicated paperwork related to citizenship is filled out properly. This can save you from making costly mistakes that could potentially delay or derail your application process.

Citizenship lawyers can also help you if you have international travel or residence issues that may interfere with the citizenship process. For example, if you have been out of the country for extended periods or are not fluent in English, these issues can make it difficult to meet requirements such as passing the English and civics tests.

A citizenship attorney can also provide you with information about citizenship-related rules and laws to educate you on your rights and obligations. This way, you can be confident that you are fulfilling all of your legal responsibilities and avoiding citizenship violations that can negatively impact you and your family members. For instance, if you commit fraud during the immigration or naturalization process, you could lose your citizenship and face deportation.

Avoiding Mistakes

While mistakes may be relatively harmless in some situations, they can be very costly when it comes to citizenship matters. Whether the mistake is a misspelled name or a misplaced decimal point, an innocent oversight can have serious consequences.

It is important to double-check everything on the Form N-400 application for naturalization. It is also important to ensure that all of the required paperwork and fees are included with the application. We have seen many cases where people have overlooked or failed to include any necessary documentation, such as a divorce decree, children born after the green card was obtained or proof of the spouse’s citizenship.

Another common error that people make is not being prepared for their interview. This can lead to a false impression that the applicant is lying and can even result in denial of citizenship or deportation. Our firm helps clients avoid these pitfalls and navigate the complex immigration process. This is one of the most significant steps in a person’s life and we are proud to help them achieve their goals.

Educating Clients

Whether an individual is trying to get citizenship or has been denied their visa, a lawyer can help educate them about the process. Having an expert in citizenship law can ensure that the paperwork is filled out correctly and does not contain any errors.

Immigration lawyers can also help individuals find the best path to citizenship based on their unique circumstances. They can help find and file the correct paperwork, as well as attend the interview with USCIS to ensure that all questions are answered correctly.

The lawyers can also help clients understand the impact that criminal arrests may have on their citizenship applications. For example, a conviction on drug trafficking or assault charges could potentially affect their ability to qualify for citizenship in the future. The lawyer can offer legal advice and provide a strong defense to the client against the separate charge to prevent it from interfering with their immigration status. The lawyer can even fight for them to be allowed back into the country if they are deported.

Fighting Wrong Visa Termination or Deportation Suits

Citizenship lawyers help clients acquire citizenship in the US by filling out necessary paperwork and avoiding any mistakes that could delay or halt immigration proceedings. They also educate clients on fulfilling obligations so that they avoid entanglements and violations that can cause them to be deported from the country.

A lawyer can also help a client fight a removal suit brought by the government if they have committed certain crimes, such as drug offenses. This is because criminal activities can affect your immigration status and lead to deportation.

Having your citizenship application denied by USCIS can be devastating. Fortunately, there are ways to appeal the decision. These include submitting a new application, filing a Motion to Reopen, or seeking a cancellation of removal case. A skilled immigration lawyer can help you navigate these procedures and increase your chances of success. They can even work on a pro-bono basis or for a reduced rate in some cases.


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