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Leading Your Team


Leadership is a process in which a person influences others by his behavior, attitude, and abilities. To lead a team effectively like Angela Marie Carol, you will have to achieve a certain balance and have to work on key skills. Team management can be tricky sometimes.

Team performance, its overall success, and productivity depend on the team leader’s skills. If a team is led by a person who has poor leadership skills, the team will have to face frequent conflicts as each individual wants to do things their way.

One of the main responsibilities of a leader is to inspire others. Encouraging the team members is also very important. When you recognize the abilities of the members, it will increase their productivity and interest in their tasks.

A Clear Purpose Or Goal For The Team

All successful team management starts with the process of setting a goal and purpose of team building. These are the basics of a team, why the team exists, and which goals need to be met on the individual or team level. The goal speaks to the mind to get the best out of the people. In a team or organization, everything starts with the question “why.” The “why” describes the mission or goal of a group or organization. It gives purpose to the team and also works as a binding force for people to bring them together and connect them on an emotional level.

Only having a strong drive is not enough. The leader has to make a clear strategy to work on and have a clear goal of what must be achieved and which steps to take. Sometimes a team manager assumes that the team just knows what needs to be done and how it can be achieved. Since people can’t read minds so first you always need to communicate with the members.

Tell all the members their tasks and tell them about your expectations from everyone. Write down the goals of a team. And make sure that everyone knows what the team must achieve next. Make a plan of how the goals will be achieved in a small manageable task.

Build Trust In The Team

Another tip to lead a team effectively is to build trust among the team members. Some people follow this golden principle and get great results as well. Among the five dysfunctions of a team is the absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results. The main dysfunction is an absence of trust if there’s no real and deep trust among team members, the team just can’t properly function. If the team members are in the defensive mode because of a lack of trust, then they often don’t support each other. To build trust among members is to give recognition to the members, showing vulnerability as a leader and communicating the intent behind actions.

Show Commitment To Your Work

Always show a high level of commitment like Angela Marie Carol to your work, your organization, and your goals. Take an interest in the work of the department and work hard on your goal to achieve. Be humble and show humility to other individuals.

Be A Good Coach Of Your Team

The way of management has a very big impact on the team performance. Six identified behaviors differentiate great leaders from average ones. Great leaders are:

  • Regularly coach their team members.
  • Empower their team and encourage them.
  • Show interest in the team members’ professional well-being.
  • Productive and result-oriented.
  • Good in communication and habit of listening to others.
  • Have a clear vision.

The number one thing that great leaders do is that they coach their team members. They provide encouragement, support, and other resources needed for people to thrive.


A person with good leadership qualities can lead a team or organization effectively. Should act diligently, say what you expect from others, and help your team to grow. All the above tips can be used to lead a team.

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