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Managing a construction project is no easy feat. Across the industry, those in charge face a wide range of challenges that threaten their site’s efficiency, budgetary constraints and, ultimately, project deadlines. These “pain points” arise due to factors outside of the industry’s control — such as supply chain disruptions — as well as within due to the chaotic and highly variable nature of construction.

Below, we’ll briefly go over a few ways to address common pain points in the construction industry by employing the latest technology.

One major pain point we’re seeing today is in inefficient documentation. From inspection reports to maintenance history, there is a lot of data which needs to be kept organized and accessible for a project. If the information is poorly managed, it could impair decision making, waste time, impact compliancy and more. Because of this, all manner of paperwork ought to be handled and stored digitally.

Fortunately, there are affordable software programs available to digitize paperwork and make all types of construction project and fleet data easily accessible. These digital documentation solutions can enhance data tracking abilities and eliminate manual auditing and organization all while freeing time to devote to increasing operational efficiency elsewhere. What’s more, the right fleet maintenance software can help prevent costly machine breakdowns and downtime with proactive maintenance techniques and optimized scheduling.

Along the same lines is utilizing telematic systems. Capable of transforming how truck and construction fleets are managed, this tech combines telecommunications and information processing to help streamline operations. By collecting real-time data on driver behavior, vehicle condition, route planning and more, telematics can provide leaders with the information and valuable insight they need to make more effective decisions.

Additionally, telematics can be constructive in adhering to safety and environment regulations. For instance, by generating detailed reports on important compliancy-related metrics, managers can work to help ensure the entire fleet is operating within legal boundaries and following eco-friendly, fuel-saving strategies.

Lastly, one other pain point that could be addressed through technological solutions is asset tracking. Fleet tracking software enables managers and construction companies of all sizes to keep careful track of their equipment, materials and other valuable resources. Having this real-time visibility enables enhanced resource allocation and empowers those in chargeto create and maintain more efficient business operations.


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