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Skipping On a Judgment


A creditor has taken you to court and won a judgment against you. Based on the court order, you now have a legitimate debt you are obligated to pay. Are you thinking about skipping out? If so, there is a good chance you will not win. Your chances of successfully skipping are reduced even further if the creditor enlists the services of an experienced judgment collection agency.

According to Judgment Collectors, a highly successful Salt Lake City collection agency, judgment collectors are not your typical collection agencies. They are different in that they specialize in judgments. They have access to tools and information that general collection agencies don’t have. They also have additional legal tools at their disposal. So if your creditor turns your case over to a judgment collection agency, you’re probably not going to win.

They Will Follow You Online

Be prepared that your decision to skip could ultimately mean a judgment collection agency following you online. They will be watching your every move on social media. They will be searching for every instance of your name they can find. All they have to do is pick up your digital trail from one source to be able to follow you wherever you go.

They Will Find Out Where You Work

Rest assured that the collection agency will find out where you work. And once they do, they may be able to garnish your wages. The truth is that most states allow creditors who have successfully obtained judgments to collect on those judgments through wage and bank garnishment.

If your wages are garnished, your employer will be compelled to withhold a certain amount from every paycheck. That money goes to your creditor. Garnishment continues until your debt is paid off.

They Will Search Public Records

If wage and bank garnishment provide too little money to get the debt paid off in a reasonable amount of time, rest assured that the collection agency will search public records for any information about additional assets. A search of tax and real estate records may reveal a piece of property you failed to disclose to the creditor’s attorney. The judgment collector will find it and put a lien on it. If your debt is big enough, the property might be seized and sold.

They Will Employ Skip Tracing

Maybe you think you are smart enough to outwit a judgment collection agency. In fact, you plan to quit your job and leave town. You are confident that by moving to another state, you can avoid paying the debt forever. Think again. Experienced collection agencies expect this sort of thing. They deal with it all the time.

What you probably don’t know is that collection agencies take advantage of something known as skip tracing. Skip tracing is a collection of tools and strategies use by collection agencies, private investigators, etc. to track down people who are trying to make themselves scarce.

The people who use skip tracing professionally are not all that comfortable revealing how they do what they do. Yet the one thing we know for sure is that skip tracing works. A judgment collection agency that knows how to utilize it will find you one way or another.

Here is the point: skipping out on a judgment is extremely difficult when a creditor gets an experienced judgment collection agency involved. So if you’ve had a judgment entered against you, it’s better that you find a way to settle up with your creditor. The last thing you need is the pressure of knowing a collection agency is tracking you and your assets down.


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