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Our digital gadgets, like phones or computers, can become disorganized just like our homes. Even though it might not be obvious, having too many emails or unused apps can make our devices slower. Just as we tidy up our physical space, it’s important to clean up our digital space too. Dealing with digital clutter can be stressful, but there are simple ways to tidy things up.

You can use tools like cloud storage to store important files securely without taking up space on your device. External hard drives or flash drives are also useful for keeping these files safe without using up your device’s internal memory. Deleting unnecessary data is another way to declutter. Similarly, deleting apps you don’t use and keeping your software up to date can help your device run faster.

Digital decluttering can improve your device’s performance and reduce some of the stress associated with seemingly endless mobile notifications. For more information on how to successfully digitally declutter, read on to the infographic featured alongside this post.
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