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My Home Value Has Shot Up


Despite the current economic unrest, home sales continue to rise. Bidding wars are once again common in some locations, dramatically increasing the value of many homes—especially those adjacent to major cities—. It’s a viable situation for homeowners because their equity has increased. What should they do with it, though?

It would be wise to monitor your home’s value if you are a homeowner with any mortgage, whether a fixed-rate or variable-rate mortgage. If it increases, you may be eligible for some excellent mortgage deals and rates. Here is how to utilise the accumulated equity in your property.

Sell Your House

I suppose this is the time to sell because prices are high. It depends on your circumstances, as it does with everything in real estate. Depending on your family’s needs, you may be able to cut costs by moving into a smaller space and treating yourself to a few indulgences with the additional money. Or you may be able to use the increased equity to make a sizable lump sum down payment on a larger dream house.

Selling might be the best action for older homeowners who want to downsize to a smaller home, a condo, or 55+ living. In addition, if the timing is perfect and you are confident of your destination, it might be the best option for individuals looking to relocate to a region with cheaper housing costs.

Capital Raise Or Re-Mortgage

According to the experts at Right Mortgage UK, you can benefit by taking out a new mortgage if the equity worth of your home has increased significantly. You can achieve that by remortgaging to a different lender for a higher mortgage amount or by sticking with your current lender and extending your existing mortgage. In essence, you’re taking advantage of the equity in your property and its rising worth to acquire more money for yourself.

It entails raising more funds in addition to your current mortgage, and you can use these funds for various purposes, such as purchasing a new automobile or consolidating debt. Additionally, doing house renovations to raise the value of your property might be beneficial.

In most cases, lenders will insist you still have 10–20% equity in the home. If you have, you may use the equity you’ve built up in your home to finance the purchase of another one. One benefit of borrowing against the rising value of your home is the lower interest rates a mortgage will carry than personal loans or credit card balances.

Most people utilise a home equity loan to pay off significant debts or expenses, make home modifications, or buy a new automobile, possibly ones that were already covered by credit cards they had accumulated. It’s crucial to consider that a mortgage often requires you to pay off the debt over a more extended period than a personal loan.

A Key Takeaway

Use your equity to your greatest advantage and “future-proof” your next move to make the most of the exciting moment when you have equity in your property.


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