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ADSS broker review


Choosing the right partner broker as an Introducing Broker (IB) is crucial for your success and the success of your business. To increase the chances of your business thriving, you should make sure your broker has a strong track record of providing IB services, is regulated by reputable authorities locally.

In this ADSS broker review, we examine the company’s background and IB programme, including its features and functionalities, as well as what makes it stand out. If you are considering becoming an IB with ADSS, reading this first will help you make an informed decision.

About ADSS

ADSS is an award-winning brokerage that is based in the Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. It is a leading broker in the MENA region, and it offers services such as retail, institutional, and professional trading and investing. It also offers several investment services for those who are looking to build a client portfolio and trade on behalf of others, including partnership and affiliate programmes. Some of these include Introducing Brokers and Money Manager programmes, as well as referral and affiliate bonuses for those who run and moderate popular online communities.

ADSS is authorised and regulated by the SCA in the UAE as a trading broker for OTC derivative contracts and foreign exchange spot markets. It is also a company incorporated under UAE law, and it is registered with the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi. With operations and offices in the United Kingdom, the company is also regulated by the FCA locally, and it has a strong management team in London, England.

Features of ADSS’ IB programme

ADSS has a list of attractive features, ranging from rewarding rebates to fast payouts and the use of sophisticated tools for their IBs. We break down some of them below:

Attractive rebates

The first and most important feature of the IB programme with ADSS is the attractive rebates the broker offers. With a flexible commission scheme and mark-up revenue data updated in real time, IBs can enjoy multiple profit options with a competitive rebate structure that caters to their preferences.

Fast payouts

The second benefit of the IB programme at ADSS is the fast payouts that IBs receive when working with ADSS. The investment company states that aside from having attractive and competitive commissions for their IBs, they also receive rebate payments in real time in a variety of ways. This includes traditional methods of payment such as bank wire, as well as online wallets such as Neteller and Skrill.

Accurate reporting

A large part of an IB’s role includes managing live data and producing accurate reports for clients and their investments. ADSS offers advanced reporting tools for their IBs for free, with a suite of analytical reports for them to choose from as templates. IBs can also generate advanced financial reports whether they work for corporate or is building reports as an individual.

Brand recognition

One advantage ADSS offers is the professional marketing tools that are available on hand for their IBs. With banners and widgets that can easily be customised, IBs can create their own brand easily and build a strong business from the beginning.

Large product offering range

ADSS offers IBs and their clients the ability to trade more than 2,700 instruments, which is an attractive feature and offers easy ways of portfolio diversification. These instruments include spot forex, and CFDs on forex, indices, equities, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. ADSS offers global access to markets, which means traders can invest in the biggest names around the world, as well as smaller and more exotic instruments upon request.

Sophisticated platform tools

IBs and their clients can access sophisticated tools to manage their portfolios more productively. More notably, IBs can gain full oversight of their client’s activity and generate leads to help improve their conversion rates. When it comes to trading, IB clients can customise trading interfaces and access indicators and plugins to enhance their trading experience and to execute more sophisticated trading strategies.

Expert support

Finally, ADSS offers help for IBs and their clients 24/5 with a multilingual trading services team in the form of a call centre. This allows their IBs to have peace of mind about whether their client queries are taken care of. IBs themselves can also get a helping hand from the ADSS team on building their business, whether it is through establishing a strong brand or solving technical problems with data monitoring and reporting.


The ADSS IB programme is a comprehensive and innovative one that offers IBs plenty of great opportunities to grow their client base and establish a business to really call their own. Providing plenty of back-office support, IBs can focus on expanding their client portfolio. They can also count on the investment company to providetimely and reliable payouts through various avenues. For those who are interested in partnering with ADSS in another capacity, they can also do so via becoming a Money Manager or becoming the company’s affiliate. More information can be found on the ADSS website.


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