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Greenhouse to Start a Small Business


A greenhouse business is one of the most sustainable businesses because it is not season dependent. It is even easier to grow crops in a greenhouse if familiar with backyard crop management. Fortunately, the returns make it worthwhile as long as you grow highly prolific crops that fetch a significant amount when out of season. You can turn your passion for gardening into a profitable greenhouse business with a lot of ease.


Most herbs are in high demand during the harsh winter season because they are not easy to find. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to specialize in herb planting. You could supply herbs such as basil, cilantro, chives, parsley, and oregano to restaurants and grocery stores in need of fresh herbs. Usually, most herbs available during off-peak seasons are dried, so any farmer supplying fresh herbs will have a huge demand.


Spinach is an excellent choice for greenhouse growing, especially during the cold season when in short supply. This plant generally grows quickly depending on the conditions inside the greenhouse. What’s more, there will always be a high demand for spinach all year round, especially when they are locally grown because their freshness is guaranteed. Spinach is needed for numerous reasons, including making smoothies, adding to dishes, and when used as a vegetable in salads.


While strawberries are generally affordable and easy to find during the in-season, they can be pretty pricy during the off-season. Farmers or growers who master the art of growing, pest control and challenges associated with growing strawberries will make a killing during such times because the demand for strawberries hardly goes down regardless of the season. A greenhouse will ensure you have an ample supply of berries all year round.


Lettuce is used in salads and is a popular choice for many people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As such, its demand is always high. Fortunately, it is a hardy crop that can withstand harsh conditions. However, using a greenhouse to grow lettuce increases productivity, leading to higher profitability.


You can never go wrong with goring tomatoes in your greenhouse. Tomatoes are one of the products that are always in demand and easy to grow. Pick the variety you want to produce depending on your local marketing and the process. Popular tomato types grown in a greenhouse include cherry, beefsteak, and grape tomatoes. Another alternative would be the tomatoes on the vine. You can get contracts to supply tomatoes to your local grocery store or sell directly to consumers at an affordable rate. Once people identify you as a reliable supplier, then you can be sure of making great sales all year round. What’s more, growing tomatoes in a greenhouse means that you never have to run out since you do not depend on the weather conditions to farm and harvest.

In the end, your small greenhouse business thrives if you know what to grow.


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