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commercial air con installation


If your office space isn’t comfortable, productivity significantly drops. Among the top consideration while striving to keep the space at its best is air conditioning. Hot summers and cold winters don’t matter as much when your air-con unit is in top shape. With professional commercial air con installation and routine maintenance, you’ll keep the office running smoothly. Nonetheless, like any equipment, the air-con won’t last forever. It’ll need replacing and keeping your eyes and ear open for tell-tales can save you a lot of money and hassles.  Here is how you can tell if the office air-con unit needs replacing.

Skyrocketing energy bills

If your air-con unit is struggling to function, your energy bills will keep rising. The extra work consumes more energy as it isn’t as efficient as when everything is flowing smoothly. If you notice an energy bill spike, don’t discount the unit unless you have a logical explanation, for example, more equipment added to your office. Skyrocketing energy bills might indicate that it is time to replace the aircon unit with a modern energy-saving option or a new one.

Frequent breakdowns

Is your air con unit demanding frequent repairs? If it is out of warranty and the repairs are costing you a lot more while inconveniencing your office operations, it is time for a replacement. Annual or twice a year repair and maintenance are enough to keep the system in good shape. If it needs more attention, it’ll cost you a lot more than it is worth. As such, frequent breakdowns are an indication that your office aircon unit needs replacing.

Odd sounds

Your air-con unit operates almost silently. You probably hear those cycle sounds, but they are hardly noticeable or irritating. If the sound changes, and you can hear it without paying attention, it indicates that everything is not fine. Minor noise means that you only need some maintenance, such as cleaning or tightening some loose parts. If it is round, it is an indication that you might need to replace the unit.


You’ve changed the filters and cleaned the unit but still get that foul smell; this indicates that the unit needs more attention. It could be damaged insulation, among other issues telling you it is time for a replacement. The worst part with the smell is that they can be a health hazard. The contaminated air could cause allergies and respiratory health problems, stressing the need to address it immediately you notice the odour.

Inefficient running

Is the unit blowing hot/cold air inconsistent with the settings? Have you noticed diminished airflow? Even after some time, the air from the vents might not flow, and when it does, it is either hot or cold, not as the thermostat is showing.  Your air-con unit should produce consistent flow, and a change is an indication that it might be on its last leg.


Did you notice moisture in the office? This could mean there is water leakage. Don’t discount it, especially considering your safety. Water and electricity don’t mix, and if you leave the unit unattended, you might be hit by significant problems like fire. Leaks also create an environment for mould growth, stressing the need to replace the unit.

If you notice any of the above issues, it is time to call a pro for a thorough check. Don’t drag the process; you might end with more expenses and inconveniences.


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