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Host a Virtual AGM with Breakout Rooms


Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are one of the most essential events in every sector, held once a year. A meeting between interested stakeholders and the company’s director is held to discuss the year’s overall performance.

The most prominent events of the year were either postponed or canceled due to the abrupt outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic. Travel and public gatherings have been restricted in order to preserve the nation’s health safety. Organsations have used virtual event technology to keep running despite the government’s social distancing measures that stopped live physical gatherings completely.

For a long time, several large-scale organisations around the world had been holding virtual events and meetings. However, many new organisations that never thought about adopting virtual events have turned their live physical internal and external events into a virtual format.

Virtual Meetings & Conferences: The need for the right technology

Many organisations have taken the initiative to host virtual AGMs that never thought about going virtual. Furthermore, a large percentage of companies have planned to hold their AGMs virtually in the future too. Even before the coronavirus emerged, organisations with a global presence benefited from virtual event technology.

There are ample virtual conferencing platforms available nowadays that provide best-in-class services. The ideal option for you will be determined by your company’s requirements. It’s critical to use the correct technology and execute a well-planned virtual AGM to achieve success.

In this blog, we have enumerated what are virtual AGMs and tips to host a virtual AGM with breakout rooms. To know more about virtual AGMs and how to host one with breakout rooms, continue reading further:

What are Virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs)?

A virtual AGMS is a virtual version of an in-person AGMS. It is an online meeting between the company’s shareholders and directors hosted on a web-based virtual AGM platform with the help of the internet. Rather than congregating at an on-site physical venue, it allows interested shareholders to tune in from their separate remote locations by monitor pc activity . Attendees can participate in virtual AGMs from any device that can connect to the internet, reducing the need for travel.

Hosting virtual AGMs has become the new standard during pandemic times and is likely to stay in the coming times.

Additionally, discussions about future goals even take place during the meeting.

We’ve compiled a few pointers on how to host a successful virtual AGM with breakout rooms. Read on:

How to Host a Virtual Annual General Meeting?

Many of you have probably hosted AGMs in the past, but organising a virtual AGM requires a completely new strategy. The instructions for organising a virtual AGM, as well as the laws and regulations, must be strictly followed. In order to hold a successful virtual AGM, you must first choose the correct technological partner.

 Participants can be a part of the event remotely and enjoy free-flowing communications. Thanks to a comprehensive virtual AGM platform. The organiser will be able to have interactive virtual chat rooms for open conversations with the help of the right platform.

A comprehensive virtual AGM platform allows organisations to organise polls, surveys, Q&A, and other activities during virtual AGMs. It helps in breaking up the boredom of staring at a screen for lengthy periods of time. The exhuberent engaging features offered by the platform help to keep attendees engaged with the virtual AGMs throughout.

Once you have decided to go virtual with your AGM, you’ll need to inform your attendees about the online event format ahead of time. Make sure your event participants are aware of the features and how to use them during virtual AGM for smooth delivery.

If you’re planning a virtual AGM with breakout sessions, we’ve put together a list of easy-to-follow guidelines.

Tips to Host a virtual AGM with breakout sessions  

1. Keep your stockholders/shareholders updated with the event format

Once you’ve made the decision to go virtual, the first step is to tell your shareholders about the virtual AGM. Make it a point to send invitations to all interested shareholders at all levels to participate in a virtual AGM. The announcement must include all pertinent event information, such as the date, time, and duration of the event, as well as a link to the virtual AGM.

2. Send an email with maneuvers and directions to attend an event

send new zealand email list with instructions once your shareholders are informed of the approaching virtual AGM.

Starting with how to navigate and participate in virtual AGMs, the maneuver must contain all of the necessary information.

Participants can simply navigate the event by receiving a clear step-by-step instruction booklet prior to the event via emails.

3. Make use of the appropriate technologies

To host a successful virtual AGM, you must use the correct virtual AGM platform. Today, there are a variety of 3D virtual AGM platforms are available in the market. Select the one that offers exciting features and custom solutions. Take advantage of the platform’s engaging tools, interactive features, and custom solutions to host an engaging virtual AGM for your company.

Select a virtual platform that enables participants to connect, network, and have free-flowing discussions in real-time. Look for various networking features such as live chats, AI matchmaking, business card exchange, virtual round tables, and more on the greatest virtual platform. While the platform’s engaging features, such as Q&A, live polls, surveys, and contests, assist to keep guests interested in the event.

When choosing a platform, be sure it has comprehensive data tracking and event analytics capabilities as well. It aids in measuring the event’s success by tracking every digital participant’s movement.

4. Maintain the privacy of your virtual AGMs

The AGM includes discussions about the company’s overall performance for the year as well as defining future goals.

As personal information and future plans are exchanged during a virtual shareholder meeting, privacy is the top concern of the organisers. Keep the virtual AGM’s settings confidential that does not allow anyone without the link to access the most important company event.

Host virtual AGM with the help of a digital medium that is safe and secure. It helps in preventing unauthorized third parties from accessing it. Thus resulting in keeping your privacy intact.

5. Offer breakout rooms during virtual AGMs

Allow participants to relax and have open discussions with other participants during virtual AGMs just like physical ones. This can be done by offering breakout rooms during virtual AGMs. It not only gives space for participants to network but also helps in keeping them engaged with the event.

6. Do many rehearsals before the actual event date

Perform as many rehearsals as you can before the actual AGM. Dress in the appropriate attire and practice in front of others or video yourself. Determine where you went wrong, what mistakes you are making while doing rehearsals, and correct it before the event goes Live. Check your internet connectivity to ensure a smooth transition. Apart from it, test all the technical equipment you’ll be using during the virtual AGM to ensure a smooth delivery.

7. Always have a backup plan

To organise a successful virtual AGM, always have a backup plan in place. Virtual events may involve last-minute technical hiccups. Unanticipated technological challenges during the final movement result in making your event fall flat on the face. Having a backup plan in place ensures that your event goes off without a hitch. Also, don’t forget to let your guests know about Plan B ahead of time.


If this is your first time hosting a virtual or Hybrid AGM, the steps listed above will undoubtedly assist you in hosting a successful virtual AGM. Make sure you leverage the right technology that offers a wide range of exciting features. If you haven’t yet considered going virtual with your AGM, do so immediately as the world is changing and so does the ways of hosting events.


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