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An employee’s well-being should be every employers’ priority. After all, happy and productive employees are one of the secrets to a successful business. 

One way to show that you care for your employees is by ensuring that they have a clean workspace. And you may not know it, but a clean workspace can affect your employee’s productivity. 

Here are ten ways a clean workplace can boost employee productivity and make your business grow:

Keep Stress Down

Life can be stressful, and the usual reason can be work-related. Sure, your employees can do personal stress-management exercises, but employers also have a responsibility to relieve their people of stress. 

This includes maintaining a clean work environment. 

The cleanliness of the office is one excellent way to ensure that stress is low. When your employees are feeling stressed, anything can aggravate them and make it worse. 

For example, a messy office can feel claustrophobic to some employees. This can make them feel anxious, which can hinder their productivity. 

That’s why, if you want to keep stress down, make sure that you clean the office.

Less Clutter, Less Distraction

It’s so easy to get distracted no matter where you work. The sources of distraction don’t even have to be anything huge to get you to lose focus. Sometimes, even a stray piece of tissue paper on your desk could be enough to make you lose your concentration. 

With that said, it should be obvious now why having less clutter on your desk can reduce distraction. When you have less clutter, there are fewer items around you that could catch your eye and cause you to lose your thinking pattern. 

You won’t find yourself fiddling with something unrelated to work for minutes on end, only to discover that you haven’t done anything productive for a while.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Your employees want to be better at their jobs. Even now, during uncertain times, professional development is possible. However, the company’s help will make it much easier for employees to achieve that professional development. 

Your employees can be more efficient by ensuring they have an organized and clean workspace and area. When your entire office is organized, it’s easier for your employees to find what they need to do. 

You might not notice how long it takes people to get down to the main event into work just because they’re distracted by the disorganized workspace. Therefore, you should ensure you have an organized system in place for the efficiency of your employees.

Maximizes Working Time

Have you ever had to look for a specific word document only to spend half an hour of your time not being able to find it? Half an hour might not seem like much, but given the limited time you have to finish work, that can be a lot. 

That’s why you shouldn’t only focus on cleanliness on a per-desk basis for your employees. 

You have to make sure that the official documents and equipment are in a separate space. There should be a system of organization for these items so that everyone knows where the thing they need is. 

It’s also crucial that you communicate this system to everybody. Doing so can help you save time from being the person people ask where everything is.

Helps Employees to Focus

We mentioned before how a disorganized workplace can lead people to have a hard time maximizing their working time. Another side effect of having an untidy workplace is that it makes people unable to focus. 

Items on their desks aren’t the only things that could divert the attention of your employees. Even the clutter around them can affect how focused they can be. If they have to walk through piles of boxes that aren’t in proper storage, it will be a distraction. If they can see dust accumulating on surfaces, that’s also a way to make them lose focus. 

That’s why you shouldn’t only focus on telling people to have a clear and decluttered desk. You also have to make the workplace a clean and organized space.

Save You Time and Energy

According to Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning, clutter can distract you from getting things done. That’s why we usually advise that you start all of your cleaning sessions with decluttering. 

That said, it would then make sense for companies to reduce clutter because it can also get in their employees’ way. 

The time and energy it takes to go through the clutter are significant, so cutting that part of the work process is a considerable time and energy saver.

Boosts Employees Creativity

There’s more free space when your office is cleaner. If your industry relies a lot on creativity, a clean and open space is essential because it encourages creativity. 

Although people like to assume that creative types like a messier environment, you can’t believe this to be right all the time. If employees are too busy trying to find the things they need, it can be harder for them to build up to a creative breakthrough.

Reduces Workplace Conflict

When the workplace is dirty, your employees might also feel that they can be careless with their cleanliness. Not everyone can accept that, which can cause a lot of internal strife within your company. 

To avoid unnecessary workplace conflict, create an environment that encourages employees to maintain a clean workspace.

Improve Employees’ Time Management Skills

When your workplace is often messy, your employees will have to squeeze in “cleaning” into their busy schedules. 

Cleaning the office takes quite a bit of time, which can bite into your employees’ work schedule related to actual work and expertise. 

By keeping the office clean, their employees will have more time to devote to the more essential things.

Promotes a Healthy Company Culture

A clean company is also a healthy company. If you don’t promote a healthy environment, your employees’ health will decline, and it can even increase absenteeism in the office. 

These days, employees are becoming more aware of how clutter can hurt their productivity and well-being. Therefore, as a company, you should encourage that awareness by keeping everything as clean as possible.


Employers and entrepreneurs alike tend to think of workplace cleanliness as an afterthought. They do not know that it can impact their employees’ performance, which can make or break their business. 

If you want a cost-effective way to make your business succeed, start with providing your employees a clean work environment. Doing so can help boost their productivity. 

And when they are productive, you are letting them help you achieve your business goals.


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