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Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs


An entrepreneur is referred to as a person who creates a new business with the help of his creative and innovative business plan. Those people who believe more in taking back the steps in bearing risk cannot get the reward they desire. Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos are the source of new ideas, techniques, goods, and services. They take the initiative and develop skills to be successful entrepreneurs. As a leader, you should consider getting tips from Bardya Ziaian, who is an experienced entrepreneur and financial asset manager with a proven track record of founding successful companies.

Various Challenges Faced By Entrepreneurs

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 25% of businesses thrive for 15 years or more. Talking about the data of startups at the end of March 2019, entrepreneurs started 774,725 businesses. You can expect the failure of 155,000 businesses in the initial two years after considering the previous year’s statistics. Read further to know about the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs that cause the failure of the business.

Lack of Planning

Lack of planning may cause the finances to run out shortly. It may result in loss of customer interest in your goods and services. Dissatisfaction among customers, clients, and employees can bring huge losses. The business plan must have the definition of objective and a description of the strategy you will implement to achieve goals. As a leader like Bardya Ziaian, you are responsible to make a plan, execute it properly, and make sure to think of the best solution for the possible problems.

Lack of Meeting Demands

Before you introduce your goods and services to the market, you need to understand the market needs that keep on altering. You need to do research and collect information from your potential customers. There are lots of ways with which you can conduct market research and aggregate data. The most common techniques include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation. Then you can evaluate whether your business will have value for people or none.

Lack of Marketing

Marketing is not all about a single strategy as it effectively involves innovation, risk-taking, and being proactive. The main focus should be on differentiating the company’s products from others belonging to the same niche. In this way, marketing will help in raising interest among potential customers. To avoid getting lost in the crowd, you should focus on the relationship, understanding your customers, and digital marketing.

Lack of Knowledge and Skills

Lack of knowledge propels us to make inevitable mistakes causing loss of finances. Skills have a huge role in overcoming the demands with time and energy. You need to collect information as much as possible before you implement the plan on a large scale. You can go to business advice websites, webinars, events, or mentors for new ideas.


Running a business isn’t always easy as you are required to continuously work hard for its safety and to face those challenging times. Only those entrepreneurs who succeed in their business better learn to deal with challenges and competitive situations. Keeping the business safe for longer fully depends upon the strategy an entrepreneur formulates on a long-term basis.


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