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Content creators have reshaped the way brands market their products. With social media, it’s now easier to reach out to new audiences and generate more engagement by publishing relatable and authentic content. The opportunity to position yourself as a digital influencer is only a few clicks away. All it takes is to decide on a niche, create a social media account, and start posting content.

Although there are about 50 million content creators in the world, only a fraction of them actually knows what they’re doing. The majority of them — around 47.6 million creators — aren’t well-versed in establishing a proper brand identity and monetizing content. When it comes to agreeing to brand deals or creating contracts, most of these influencers don’t know which tools to use.

The competition in this industry is tough, and influencers need to be smart to stand out. You can build a stable source of income by growing your followers and establishing your credibility through the use of digital tools that can free up your time for your highest-value work. To be successful, it’s a must to have consistent branding on all your social media platforms, brand deals, and contracts. Look for trusted platforms to help you build better relationships with brands and grow your business. Check out the helpful tools below:


Extremely popular influencers may receive a lot of invitations from brands, while others need to do all the legwork to catch a brand’s attention.’s platform makes it easier for not-so-popular influencers to reach out to their favorite brands and participate in campaigns. Brands, on the other hand, can also invite creators easily.

If you’re a digital influencer, you can generate revenue at by joining affiliate programs or earning commissions. You can also work with other creators and split the commissions, or monetize your social media pages. The platform has different pricing for brands, but it’s free for all digital influencers. All creators are also provided with resources on how to build an attractive profile and how to grow as an influencer.

2. Octoly 

Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and other luxury brands use Octoly in finding influencers to promote their brands. If you’re in the beauty or fitness niche, Octoly is a good platform to receive free products and save money. Influencers are provided with five credits that they can use to get free products that will be shipped to them once the brand approves their request.

You need to be a TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram influencer to be able to use Octoly. All influencers must also have at least 1,000 subscribers to get free products. Although you don’t earn money directly, it’s a good way to build your influencer marketing business. More reviewed products can eventually help you land a collab with a bigger brand that may offer more than just free products.

3. Adobe Acrobat 

As a digital influencer, one of your responsibilities is to create a written agreement between you and the brand. The contract will include details of the campaign, such as the type of content to be published — whether photos, videos, or stories — how often to post the content, and how much the entire campaign cost. With an Adobe Acrobat PDF, you can easily share this document with brands for them to review and comment. You can let them make edits or protect the document as soon as a final agreement is reached.

When sharing the PDF, you can use the Adobe Sign feature to add a reminder or deadline, creating urgency. You can also set restrictions to ensure no one else can copy or edit the document without your consent. This is one of the most effective collaborative tools as it also helps you generate revenue faster by adding a deadline to your offers.

4. Kitly

Kitly lets influencers create a media kit using their social media, and they can send it to brands for review or consideration. If you have high-performing posts, the platform allows you to share the Insights with brands to increase your chances of landing a collab. Kitly also features a finance tool that lets creators generate invoices and efficiently get paid.

Kitly provides a useful Playbook to help creators build good relationships with brands and make more money. The webinars in the Playbook include effective pitching tips to help you land a gig or how to create a media kit brands can’t say no to. With an insight report, influencers can access information on the average creator rates, helping them better set their own rates.

5. IndaHash

You must have at least 5,000 followers to be accepted by IndaDash. This platform allows digital influencers to participate in brand campaigns and earn money. Clients include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Nike. By participating in campaigns, creators have the opportunity to grow their followers, attract more brands, and generate higher income.

To get started with IndaHash, make sure your Instagram profile is eligible to easily link to your other social media profiles such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. Engagement rate and the number of posts are also factors to consider before getting accepted. For TikTok, you must have at least 1,000 followers and at least 30 videos to get accepted.

Choose the Right Tools

As a digital influencer, you want to ensure you’re using tools that eliminate repetitive tasks and enable you to be as productive as possible. For example, publishing enticing posts is a top priority for influencers. It’s best to invest in tools that can help you better edit photos and provide you with beautiful graphics and art. For brand contracts, Adobe Acrobat with all its helpful features will always be a trusted, reliable choice.


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